Meeting Notes & Agendas

May 2019 WNA Agenda

6:30 – 7:00 Lime Scooter Demonstration Outside Classic Foods! —Phill Rider from Lime.


7:00 – 7:10


Welcome and Introductions
7:10 – 7:15 Approvals

Approve agenda for this meeting.

Approve April meeting minutes.


7:15 – 8:00


7:15 – 7:25



7:25 – 7:35


7:35 – 7:45





7:45 – 8:00


New Business


Lime Scooter Presentation – Phill Rider, information from last year’s scooter pilot findings report from PBOT.


Woodlawn Methodist Church building status/sales update – Sheila Warren


Updates on Woodlawn “Community Collection Event” aka the Neighborhood Cleanup. Saturday, May 25, 2019 9 am to 2 pm at Henry V. — Shelley & Francisco.

Also how to do additional outreach to multi-dwelling residential units? We recently got a map showing their locations from NECN.



Confirmed: Commissioner Chloe Eudaly will visit WNA June 5th.  First item on the agenda in June and for how long? Decide on agenda. Should we create/circulate fliers to promote this to Woodlawn neighborhood?


8:00 – 8:10 Announcements for Upcoming Events, Deadlines, and Other News:


Movie in the Park MUSIC — Thursday, August 8, 2019

6:30pm to 12:00 midnight. Our Movie is Coco (PG 2017) Our music is Saeeda Wright – powerful soul, jazz, and gospel.


“Neighborhood Associations Rock” is a July 2nd art exhibit at Elisabeth Jones Art Center in NW PDX. Call for artists here to submit by June 17th: FB page for the project:


Priced Out Film Screening, 7 pm on May 2, 2019 at Leaven Community/Salt & Light Lutheran Church, 5341 NE 20th Avenue. Sponsored by Alberta Food Co-op, NECN, Vernon NA and Woodlawn NA. Anjala on the panel with Cornelius Swart, the director. Portland Tenants Union will also be there. WNA presence greatly welcomed.



Community Conversation: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? May 4, 2019, 4–5:30pm.
Kennedy School, Community Room, a FREE discussion about our relationships with our neighbors.


Portland Housing Bureau 2019 Action Plan Hearings about the 2019-20 federal funding plan for housing, economic development, and social services. May 7, 2019 at 5:00pm. Portland Housing Bureau, 421 SW 6th Ave, Suite 500, Portland, OR  97204 The draft FY 2019-20 Action Plan is available at For more information, call 503-823-5312 or visit


Portland Housing Bureau draft of technical changes to the Inclusionary Housing (IH) administrative rules. Changes expand the definitions section, update the compliance sections, and reconcile terms used in the zoning code to provide additional clarity to the public and city staff. Comments due by May 10. See:


FYI: Changes are coming to Community Collection Events in 2020 as soon as July 2019. A new model, criteria, funding structure. Nancy circulated notes from the April stakeholder meeting via e-mail. Should we put on the agenda to discuss in July?


Our July meeting is Wednesday, July 3. Is everyone OK with that in light of the July 4 holiday?


8:10 – 8:25 Board and Community Business 


Treasurer’s Report—Dennis

Land Use & Transportation Committee—Anjala

Farmers’ Market Changes/Update — Dennis

NECN Board Meeting—Shirley/Dennis




8:25 – 8:30 Final Thoughts and Adjourn


WNA May 2019 meeting minutes

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association meeting minutes: Wednesday May 1 2019

7:00 – 7:10 Welcome and Introductions: Maija, Beth, Dennis, Thelma, Shirley, Anjala, Andrée; missing – Nancy, Jerome, Martin, Shea

7:10 – 7:15          Approvals

Approve agenda for this meeting. Dennis moves, Andrée seconds – all in favor.

Approve April meeting minutes. Dennis moves, Andrée seconds – all in favor.

7:15 – 8:00 New Business

Lime Scooter Presentation – Owen Christofferson with information from last year’s scooter pilot findings report from PBOT. Last year there was a pilot program and the scooters have been approved for a year-long pilot this year. Number of rides: 700,000+, average trip length 1.15 miles, in East Portland average trip length was 1.6 miles.

Each scooter has a license number – contact Lime or the city of Portland to report bad riding behavior or bad parking jobs. If a scooter is reported being in the public right-of-way, Lime has thirty minutes to retrieve it. Rental costs: $1 to unlock, $0.20/minute thereafter.

Questions: is there any consideration for 3-wheel-type scooters for people with balance or mobility issues?  (more…)

Final minutes of April 7 2019  WNA LUTC meeting

Meeting came to order at 2:50 at Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry.  Attending were Anjala Ehelebe, Chair, Dennis Kennedy, Patricia Rimmer, and Liz Kennedy (for 20 minutes).

Liz has resigned as secretary.  Anjala is taking minutes until a new secretary can be found.

Unfinished Business: Vehicles (derelict) in people’s  driveways.  Liz said she did a email introduction of JohnMark to Maija for her contacts to metal recyclers.  Nothing came of this, most likely because JohnMark travels a lot.   She says next she should try Shelly and Francisco who ran the neighborhood cleanup last year for leads to recyclers.  

Patricia Rimmer asked if she could help out the committee a bit more, and after discussion, agreed to become the Co Chair trainee.  

Anjala got a response from the city about coordinating schedules for leaf cleaning that said essentially, they can’t.  Anjala feels they didn’t understand what we were offering and will recontact them.  To be continued.

  1. Woodlawn MIC Anjala heard from Ross Danielson that the building is up for sale and at his request notified potential purchasers. 
  2. Priced out, the movie, will be screened in May with Anjala part of the discussion panel.
  3. Decommission PDX report by City Club.  Dennis said a representative from City Club attended the NECN Board meeting and explained the issues with the current weak-mayor commission structure of Portland.   May be unconstitutional.  More expensive to run a city wide election than to run one per district. We are the only major city in US with this setup.  Most have city managers.  The Board had a presentation by a member of this City Club committee on the report.  Dennis will try to keep us updated on this issue.  
  4. NECN March report.  Anjala mentioned the topics that were covered at the NECN LUTC meeting.  The potential for increased numbers of oil trains through NECN neighborhoods is a concern.  Zenith Terminal is what the issue is being called.
  5. The city is working on changing city code that sets up district coalitions.  Might get rid of NECN etc.  We need to follow this closely, too
  6. Ends 3:40

WNA April meeting notes

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association, April 3, 2019 Meeting notes

Wednesday, April 3, 2019    7:00 – 8:30 pm at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211

7:00-7:10              Welcome and Introductions

Present: Nancy Flynn, Beth Heins, Dennis Kennedy, Shirley Minor, Thelma Diggs, Maija Spencer; Not here: Martin, Shea, Anjala, Andrée

7:10-7:15              Approvals

Approve agenda for this meeting. Dennis moves, Shirley seconds; Approve March meeting minutes. Dennis moves, Nancy seconds, none opposed


New Business

Woodlawn School’s First Annual Spring Plant Sale. Amy Fauver from Woodlawn PTA. She’s helping with fundraising: PTA raise funds that can be used to support activities, hire extra teachers, etc. Total goal for the year is $8,000. 60% of the students receive free or reduced lunch, so it’s a lower-income community. This year they are partnering with a fundraising organization in a plant sale; Woodlawn School will keep 30% of the profits. Orders are due April 11, plants will be delivered to the school on Wednesday May 8th (not positive what time). You need to hand in a paper form and hand in a check – contact info for Amy is on the forms and she can help coordinate a pickup and also plant delivery. They’re also making sure each child who wants a plant can bring one home. The order form is also on

Woodlawn PTA Spring Fundraising Campaign – we have been asked to share information through our WNA communication channels. Nancy has sample text for e-mail. The PTA website is and people can donate that way.


Update from the community forum about Zenith Energy’s expansion of their tar sands oil terminal in NW Portland — Maija Spencer: We live near a major rail line and Maija went to a forum recently at city hall hosted by several environmental groups. 350 PDX and Audubon Society helped coordinate this.

Zenith Energy has a major facility in NW Portland near Linnton – they are among several fossil fuel terminal sites, but they are the only one connected to a rail terminal. They filed for a building permit in 2014 and just started using it to build an expansion. No one knows what the plans are and how it will affect fossil fuels being shipped by train to their facility. Much of this is tar sands extracted in Canada and being shipped to China. There are a lot of concerns about the environmental impact and catastrophic situations in case of emergency. People in the community are contacting their commissioners to express concern about this. One person suggests that we plan to share information at any Earth Day activities.


Updates on WNA Easter Egg Hunt Status, Saturday, April 20, 2019 starting at 2 pm. Woodlawn PTA has the flyer, will be circulating, has also sent an e-mail blast. (more…)

WNA March 2019 meeting minutes

WNA March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting occurred:Wednesday, March 6, 2019    7:00 – 8:30pm at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211

7:00-7:10         Welcome and Introductions: Nancy, Dennis, Beth, Shirley, Thelma, Anjala, Andrée; missing: Shea, Maija, Jerome, Martin. + community members – Ross, Liz, Shelly, Francisco, Sally, Don, Jerri, Robin, Peter, John

7:10-7:15         Approvals
Approve agenda for this meeting. One addition – thanking Classic Foods (see notes later in the meeting). Andrée: proposes paperless meetings, in the interest of the environment; Nancy will keep an eye on how many are left over and will print fewer accordingly. Back to approving the agenda: Dennis moves, Thelma seconds, all in favor.

Approve February meeting minutes. Anjala moves to approve; Thelma seconds, all in favor, none opposed.


7:15-7:45 New Business

STRIDE for SENIORS on Saturday April 20, 2019. 10 am to 1 pm at the Portland International Raceway (3 km/2 mile walk begins at 11:30 am). David Lomax of Meals on Wheels would like any WNA “recruits” to register with their team, NE Neighborhood Heroes. And to publicize this via our social media and website. Handouts and other information available.

WNA Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 20, 2019. Need to decide on start time. Handout with tentative planning schedule. Do we want to start after the Stride for Seniors ends? Need to assign tasks and recruit volunteers.

  • Volunteers: Shelly, Beth, Anjala perhaps
  • Golden egg & prizes – Shelly will get the craft stuff
  • Agreed: will start it at 2pm with stuffing eggs the day before

Public Hearing on proposed amendments to Title 11 Tree scheduled for Urban Forestry Commission, March 21, 2019 at 9:30 am. Handout with more information.

  • Makes it easier to spend funds in the Tree Planting & Preservation fund; allows the funds to be used for a longer time frame.
  • Doesn’t seem very objectionable.

Woodlawn Annual Cleanup Scheduled. Saturday, May 25, 2019 at Henry V. We already have a banner about this on our website. Shelley and Francisco are coordinating.

  • Henry V is willing to host
  • Daniel Vo will coordinate with Waste Management to get dumpsters
  • Shelly & Francisco will meet with Steve to discuss anything we can improve over last year.
  • Waste Management asks us to do more promotions on social media during and after the event.
  • Shelly & Francisco will work on signage

Updates about the Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway. Reporting back from recent stakeholder meetings and status of project was scheduled for February 2019. See handout.

  • Taking longer to gather community feedback
  • No definite timeline for decisions
  • Willing to come talk to us once there are updates

“Priced Out” Film Screening is scheduled for Thursday, May 2, 2019 7-9pm in the sanctuary of the Leaven Community/Salt & Light Lutheran Church, 5341 NE 20th Avenue (at Killingsworth). Sponsored by NECN & Alberta Food Co-op. Does WNA want to be a sponsor as well? (Next meeting is March 6 from 5 to 6 pm so Nancy will bring an update about how we might want to be involved to our meeting immediately after.)

  • “Priced Out” is a documentary filmed locally about the impacts of gentrification on housing and traditional residents of neighborhoods in N/NE Portland.
  • They would like us to sponsor as well – which means advertising for it, spreading the word.
  • The details of the evening haven’t been totally settled but the director will be there.
  • Beth moves that we agree to sponsor; Thelma seconds; all in favor, none opposed.

Nancy adds a suggestion: thanking Classic Foods for allowing us to use the space for the meetings.

How about a cart to store the folding chairs? Saves having to shift and move them, and makes it nicer for Classic Foods too. Nancy & John talked to Mike Valenti, the purchasing manager. He says they don’t have one; John found one that would cost $225 for a cart that would hold 35 chairs. Is this something we want to do? After some discussion, Anjala moves we purchase a chair trolley; Beth seconds, all in favor (board only since it’s an expenditure); none opposed.


7:45-8:00         Announcements for Upcoming Events, Deadlines, and Other News:

Woodlawn Movie in the Park is Thursday August 8, 2019. This is just 2 days after National Night Out. We should know which movie we get soon! **Movie announcement: Coco! Thursday, August 8th, 2019.

Adopt-a-Storm-Drain and Updated Speed Limits: new notifications posted on WNA website and NextDoor.
– Everyone please keep a general eye on our storm drains – it doesn’t take long to clear them out and it’s very satisfying!


Updates on the new Cully Park including outdoor game tables, rock wall, gardens, etc. More features listed here:

  • FYI there is some new cool stuff a Cully Park now! See link above.
  • Shirley will do some research to see if we can get some outdoor game tables at Woodlawn’s park. She’ll also visit a few other parks to get other ideas for features we might want to advocate for adding here.
  • John let us know that parks is in a budget deficit right now; if we want to write to our commissioners to advocate for our parks department, that surely can’t hurt.


Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has been invited to attend our WNA June 5th meeting. Still awaiting final confirmation. Should we come up with an agenda for her visit in an upcoming meeting? Should we circulate flyers to advertise the event to drum up attendance? What else?

  • She’s tentatively on our agenda for June 5th, pending her availability
  • April/May meetings we may want to come up with agenda items and publicize the meeting as well. Shelly can design something for us.
  • Andrée has noticed there seems to be much more aggressive reporting of potentially abandoned vehicles; many more cars have been tagged/fined lately. Why is there now enforcement?

E-mail invitation also sent to Chief Outlaw via Lt. Tina Jones, the Portland Police Bureau Public Information Officer. Waiting to hear back from them.


8:00-8:25         Board and Community Business

Treasurer’s Report—Dennis

  • As of 2/28 we have $8258.67
  • Wrote 2 checks: total of $189 – to support the food for the last meeting

Land Use & Transportation Committee—Anjala

  • They also deal with liquor license & marijuana licenses for businesses, notices of planned demolition, planned ADUs or Airbnb, and zoning changes
  • Today a notice came in about a house at 1420 NE Liberty street – a garage was expanded to living space without building permits. The garage wall is too close to the property line; the owner wants to get the already-built space to be permitted after the fact. Is it okay with us if LUTC recommends it be permitted after the fact. – General agreement from the board and audience.
  • Another recent notice: land between Columbia & Lombard, between NE Grand & NE 11th – change the zoning to add a new warehouse by October. Seems to be within their zoning laws.
  • LUTC needs a volunteer 2 hours per month to take minutes at the meeting. They will also post a notice on Next Door.
  • The city is considering changing the way proposed demolitions are communicated to neighbors by having signs installed onsite.
  • Neighbor Johnmark has noticed we don’t get coordinated notification from the city alerting us to street sweeping in the fall to get leaves. Letter has been sent to the city proposing this.
  • Johnmark has also noticed a number of seemingly abandoned cars in the neighborhood, can we communicate to the owners how they might make money by selling them to scrappers?
  • Downtown/in NW Portland there are oil storage sites and a company got permission to build more storage tanks. If this is allowed to go through we’ll have more oil trains going through the neighborhood. Do we want to try to get City Council to push back?

Farmers’ Market—Martin/Erin- no updates
NET – Erin – no updates
Woodlawn MIC – who is our new contact?

NECN Board Meeting—Shirley/Dennis –

  • City Club commissioned a study of the way Portland’s government works. We are the only major city left in the US that uses our form of government. CityClub recommendation was to increase the number of commissioners by 4 more, and have a professional city manager added to the staff.


Happy Hour for March? If yes, where?

One notice: Safe Routes to School – Lale will be at Woodlawn Elementary’s Art Night tomorrow (3/7/2019) getting community input about concerns for safety.

Shirley has two literary announcements:


8:25-8:30         Final Thoughts and Adjourn


WNA February 2019 meeting minutes

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

February 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes, from meeting on Wednesday, February 6, 2019    6:30 – 8:30pm at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211

Half-Hour with Food and Libations – great turnout, about 40 people

Welcome and Introductions – Maija, Nancy, Shirley, Dennis, Thelma, Beth, Anjala, Martin, Andrée; not here: Jerome, Shay

Approve agenda for this meeting. – with additions: Dennis moves, Thelma seconds – all in favor
Approve January meeting minutes. Maija moves, Dennis seconds, all in favor


New Business

Paul Millius, Recruiting Assistant with the US Bureau of the Census re: hiring staff for 2020 Decennial Census: The Census is staffing up to do the 2020 census. There will be hundreds of jobs in the next year, $18-20/hour, part- and full-time for a year and a half. Census is mailed out, then people go knock on doors to remind people to submit their forms. Before that Census employees have to validate the addresses to make sure old addresses still exist and are occupied. The bureau also does continuing surveys for years after the fact to track changes in the population.

Hours/shifts can vary: part-time work can be evenings and weekends, full-time is office work. Work is starting now, more will ramp up around the middle of the year. The Portland office hasn’t been opened yet, its location is to be determined.

  • To apply: go to – it takes 6-8 weeks to process your application; then there are a few days of training depending on the job.


Shira & Jason Yovu, Retro Game Bar at 6720 MLK re: Liquor License Application and to talk about the business. They will be opening a new business at the corner of MLK and Dekum, next to the Koken Market. Renovations are underway, hoping to open late March/early April. They will offer a full bar and retro video games. They’ll be offering home consoles and other rarer devices rather than arcade games. They also want it to have a retro feel with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s with décor to match. The food program will be hot dogs with unique toppings. Hours will be: closed Mondays, T-Fr 3p-2:30am; Sat-Sun 10 or 11am to offer Saturday morning cartoons, cereal, and all-ages access to the venue until 3pm on weekends. Jason has been a bartender and bar manager in the past, and has some local bar/brewery experience as well. They are also planning to offer team building events in the earlier hours and they’re open to partnering with the community if people have suggestions. They’re hiring bartenders, cooks, managers, wait staff as well – check their website

The Neighborhood Association has been asked to write a letter supporting their application for a liquor license. Nancy moves that we do so; Beth seconds; all in favor/none opposed.


Support for ongoing neighborhood cleanup efforts with Rick Reynolds & Johnmark Larson. They have been picking up trash at various locations on a volunteer basis and ask the Neighborhood Association to approve a small annual budget ($100 – $200) to purchase supplies.

  • Rick helped get trash cans installed at the bus stops and is coordinating a Clean Team program to manage emptying those trash containers; there was an article in the latest NECN newsletter. He’s brainstorming other ways to get people involved.
  • Several neighbors are helping with the trash containers as well. They drop the trash at the High Water Mark and Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry. Contact Rick Reynolds if you want to help!
  • Rick proposes the WNA provide some money to help provide garbage picker-uppers, garbage bags, gloves and other incidental items. Request that WNA approve up to $200 – to be reimbursed as needed, and Dennis can track the expenditure over a year.
  • Martin moves that we allocate up to $200 for supplies for the trash project; Maija seconds, board only vote (since it’s about money): all in favor/none opposed.
  • Another related topic: Johnmark lives in the neighborhood and has also been helping pick up litter in the neighborhood. He and Rick had an idea of asking the city to help us with a more robust street sweeping program. Other neighborhoods get coordinated leaf removal, but Woodlawn residents don’t seem to get notified or awareness of when we are having a leaf removal including parking enforcement to ensure that the cleaning is thorough. Side benefit would be it may help identify abandoned vehicles. They are contacting the city to see if we can help start a pilot program.


Legalizing an existing ADU: Amy Stork: added to the agenda  – lives in an orange house on NE Liberty west of 15th. Tried to legalize the additional living space in her attached garage, but since the setback doesn’t meet the rules, she needs to get a zoning adjustment. She is applying for it – a notice will go to people near her home – just wants to let neighbors know she’s not doing anything new, just trying to make her home legal.



Announcements for Upcoming Winter Events, Deadlines, Other News:

Copies of Hey Neighbor! with two articles featuring Woodlawn.

Woodlawn Movie in the Park choices submitted —Maija: the choices were submitted based on public opinion from our meeting and a post online; our three top choices were: Inside Out, Black Panther, Coco. We’ll hear back in mid-February if we got a movie/what date/what movie. We pay $900 to help offset the costs of licensing, staffing, music.

Friends of Trees annual tree planting is happening Saturday February 16th – to get info and to volunteer – potluck lunch included!

Portland Housing Advisory Commission is looking for volunteers – application open until Feb 21 2019.

Office of Community & Civic Life is holding listening sessions to rewrite the part of the city code that covers the Civic Life Bureau. This could affect the Neighborhood Association structure; some people don’t feel the neighborhood associations represent all members of the city – can we help improve it? How do we get other people involved? The listening sessions are starting right away.

Update on Woodlawn Scavenger Hunt new timeline – Anjala – working on a draft of a scavenger hunt to get people to explore the neighborhood. She’ll also be offering four free criminal history tours of Woodlawn – tip: some of those items will be clues in the scavenger hunt! She’s thinking of doing the scavenger hunt in May.

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability released draft of code changes proposed for historic resources (including Conservation Districts) for public review and comment between now and April 1, 2019. Sending notice to all owners in the Woodlawn Conservation District inviting them to public events in March. Available to talk to WNA again if of interest.

Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway Summary Report and Project Updates. Handout and online at – we will invite PBOT to come back and speak again when they have updates.

Lime e-scooter and e-bike demo for a Spring WNA meeting? Jeremy Nelson from Lime reached out via e-mail. Mixed reception from the audience, but general opinion seems it’s okay if they want to come and demo scooters and bikes before one of our meetings.

Potential Showing of “Priced Out” in April 2019 at Alberta Abbey. Sponsored by NECN & Alberta Food Co-op. Nancy is participating in meetings. Should have update by March meeting.

Feral Cat Coalition FREE spaying for feral and stray cats in February. Flyers on the table.

By March 5th need to schedule the Community Collection Event (formerly known as the Woodlawn Cleanup) – Shelly and Francisco are wiling to coordinate it. Usually the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  It allows people to pay by the carload of household items they need to throw out or get rid of, serves as a fundraiser for the neighborhood.


Board and Community Business

Treasurer’s Report—Dennis – as of Jan 31st $8800 dollars and change; in January wrote checks to Andrée for food, to SEI for the Lego project donation, one to our web host, and one for the Woodlawn Trivia night at OPH.


Land Use & Transportation Committee—Anjala- 1st Sunday of the month at Woodlawn coffee and pastry at 2:45pm – the next meeting is March 3rd.

  • Looking for someone to attend their meetings and take minutes
  • Gathering volunteers to take photos of historic houses in the neighborhood
  • North Portland library is going to be the site for one of the historic code revision talks
  • Politicians in Salem are trying to create grants for people to get a rebate if they seismically retrofit their masonry buildings
  • Received a notice that a person has been approved to create an ADU on their property
  • Discussed Johnmark’s proposal about street sweeping and encouraged him to contact the city directly
  • Discussed the liquor license approval for Retro Game Bar
  • Have sent a letter to the city about speeding on NE 6th about speeding during morning & evening rush hour. The city may consider putting up a speed reader board to assess.
  • Also let the city know about speeders coming down NE Dean and driving doughnuts – were referred to the noise control officer.
  • Suggested a roundabout at the intersection of Dean and Dekum; cement has gotten very expensive because of a worldwide sand shortage so that would be an expensive project.

NET – Erin – Neighborhood Emergency Team volunteers are helping staff warming shelters.
MIC & Happy Hour – no one to speak


Farmers’ Market—Martin & Erin – the market will start in June this year, they are looking for new board members, and will hire a new market manager for this coming year. Oregon Public House will be donating some money to the Market.


NECN (Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods) Board Meeting—Shirley/Dennis –

  • WNA is one of 96 or so neighborhoods in the city. NE has 12 neighborhood associations who are coordinated by the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods.
  • As a group the NECN is adopting a nearby seasonal shelter for houseless people – the next night they are serving food on the 8th – they brought sandwiches, made soup, and some other items. Shirley will resume updating the information kiosk


8:25-8:30         Final Thoughts and Adjourn

Thelma: Meals on Wheels is having a fundraising walk on Saturday April 20. It’s at Portland International Raceway- looking for a team leader from the neighborhood association? Nancy is willing to be the team leader.

WNA January 2019 meeting minutes



Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

January 2, 2019 Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, January 2, 2019    7:00 – 8:30pm

at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211


Happy New Year! Welcome and Introductions

Board: Nancy Flynn, Anjala Ehlebe, Shirley Minor, Beth Heins, Dennis Kennedy, Shea Fuller, Andrée Culpepper, Maija Spencer. [not here: Jerome Smith, Martin Vandepas, Thelma Diggs]


7:10-7:15              Approvals

Approve agenda for this meeting. Additions added below – Dennis moves to approve, Beth second, all in favor, none opposed

Approve December meeting minutes. Maija moves to approve, Eric seconds, all in favor, none opposed


7:15-7:45              New Business

Bank business: Motion to delete Luke Groser from the WNA bank account : Nancy moves, Dennis seconds, all in favor.

Motion to delete Luke Groser and Maija Spencer from Market bank account: Anjala, Maija second; all in favor


$500 Communications Grant received from NECN Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods) for WNA Outreach efforts. This is part of the money they typically share with the WNA to help fund our activities.


Woodlawn Trivia Night at Oregon Public House on January 26th  7 to 9 pm  – Maija and Nancy are helping get questions. Send your potential questions to Nancy by January 15th. There is an option to pay $100 for an experienced trivia host: Nancy proposes we use some WNA funds for this. Beth seconds; all in favor, none opposed.


Woodlawn Scavenger Hunt planned to run all of January as part of the OPH Month of Woodlawn – Anjala proposes a scavenger hunt. She has planned it and will announce it soon. Teams of people will go around collecting photos/information from various stops in the neighborhood. The hunt will run all month long and the answers will be revealed/winners announced at the end of the month. Free to participate, details coming out shortly.


Summer Movies in the Park. Deadline is February 1. We need to have a list of our top 3 film choices for the application. List of available films and other details is here: – we’ll use this meeting to figure out the top votes, then we’ll post as a poll on facebook & next door to get more input. Our top 3 choices will be sent to Parks who will determine the date & movie.


Holiday Lights Thank You Note distributed to entire neighborhood. – Nancy made a version of Luke’s thank you Christmas letter to drop at houses that decorated for the holidays – she dropped off almost 600!


Our February meeting will be our annual WNA Neighborhood Social. What do we need to do to make this happen? Meet a half-hour early; drop an invite at recently-sold (in the last year) houses to invite new residents to come out. The plan: Eric can make a list of recent sales and we’ll recruit people to deliver. We’ll also identify the apartment buildings & public housing, churches in the neighborhood and get flyers there.

We <heart> Woodlawn as the theme.

$200 budget: Maija moves to allocate up to $200 toward food, Andrée seconds, all in favor, none opposed. Andrée can help, Nancy, Shirley, Beth can help with pickups. Nancy can donate plates/plasticware.

Brainstorming: Who should we invite to come speak to the neighborhood association: like PCRI, Multco weatherization program, any other suggestions?

  • Chloe Eudaly – topic: current plans and what’s being done for affordable housing; what’s the long-term planning for this crisis; how do we fit in, how can we support those efforts.
  • Other ideas: invite our police chief.
  • Suk Rhee runs Office of Neighborhood Involvement – now called Portland Office of Community and Civic Life – what is her concept of the role of the Neighborhood Associations? Are they planning to make changes? That office funds NECN and their budget was cut by 10k this year with more cuts possibly coming – what is the long-term big picture?
  • School contacts: community resources the school offers (food pantry, green team, new Vice Principal working with English-learning families). Also, their STEAM coordinator is in her final year there so we’d like info on how we can help with continuity; also get Rick Reynolds to report after a few site committee meetings.


7:45-8:00              Announcements for Upcoming Winter Events, Deadlines, Other News:

A Month for Woodlawn at Oregon Public House (OPH). All of January, fundraising events for Farmers’ Market, Woodlawn PTA, Woodlawn Community Garden, Woodlawn MIC, donation drive for Walnut Park Shelter, and a WNA Happy Hour. Schedule to be finalized soon.


Feral Cat Coalition FREE spaying for feral and stray cats in February. Flyers on the table. 500 feral and stray cats done for FREE. WNA can circulate their Press Release: Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon:


Volunteers sought for programs at Transition Projects, the folks who manage shelters in PDX including the Walnut Park on MLK. More about their winter volunteer needs here:

NECN will be preparing a meal at the shelter in January

Update from Jerome Smith, the pastor for Solid Rock: I wanted to mention that Solid Rock was able to support over 40 families with bags of toys who couldn’t afford them.

Also gave out multiple families food baskets who couldn’t afford Christmas Dinner.


We will continue to distribute “HOPE BAGS” to the homeless. Monetary and additional supplies needed. ( toiletries, socks, gloves, scarves, snacks, cup o noodles, toothpaste, deodorant)



8:00-8:25              Board and Community Business


Treasurer’s Report—Dennis: finally got access to the checking account. He has copies of the statement – as of Dec 31 our balance was $8,620.39; only one check we need to write right now & send it to SEI (Self-Enhancement Inc, who runs the after-school SUN program (Schools United with Neighborhoods);  this is our $200 donation the Woodlawn School after-school Lego program. They got the rest of the funding they needed met, and it’s going to get started next week.

Land Use & Transportation Committee—Anjala

  • No meeting last month.
  • Did receive mail: notice of intent of short-term accessory permit – this is a formality so neighbors will know; we can’t approve or deny it. 7229 NE 15th
  • Meeting is 1st Sunday of the month (this coming Sunday) at 2:45pm at Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry
  • Recent meeting there was a request to see if the city can do something about traffic at NE 15th & Lombard – a request for an engineering study has been filed. They also posted a note on Next Door asking for community input to the city about this intersection. Will keep us posted. One person suggests that we ask the city to make the intersection of 15th & Buffalo be a four-way stop. Bethany has been working with the Safe Routes to School group – she can help advocate as well.
  • Other observed bad behavior: people who cut through the NW corner of the neighborhood to avoid the MLK/Lombard corner. Liz asked PBOT to come out and do an assessment of the traffic behavior. So far the only response had been an auto-response.

NET – Erin: Monday Jan 21st at OPH will benefit NET

Farmers’ Market— Erin: applying to NECN for a small grant to fund kids programming at the farmers’ market for the summer. Will need a letter attesting our fiscal sponsorship from WNA – she’ll try to find a version used a few years ago to use as a template. The Woodlawn Farmers Market will be one of the beneficiaries at OPH for the month of January – this will fund the SNAP match program

NECN Board Meeting—Dennis: no meeting in December


8:25-8:30              Final Thoughts and Adjourn

Shirley: Woodlawn School got a mention on the news – someone has been repeatedly breaking into a local house and into the school – the person was arrested and released already.

Maija: remember Office of Civic Involvement has crime prevention staff if anyone ever wants to contact them to get advice on landscaping, etc with security in mind.

WNA December 2018 meeting notes

December 2018 WNA Agenda

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association December 2018 Meeting Agenda


Wednesday, December 5, 2018    7:00 – 8:30pm

at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211


7:00-7:10 Welcome and Introductions: Board members present: Jerome Smith, Dennis Kennedy, Maija Spencer, Beth Heins, Thelma Diggs, Shea Fuller, Andrée Culpepper, Anjala Ehelebe, Nancy Flynn, Martin Vandepas, Shirley Minor; board members missing: none.

7:10-7:15 Approvals

Approve October meeting minutes: Jon Umbdenstock moves, Beth seconds, all in favor, none opposed

Approve November meeting notes: Jon moves, Maija seconds, all in favor, none opposed, two abstaining since they weren’t at the meeting (Thelma, Nancy)

Approve agenda for this meeting: Add an item: Woodlawn school is fund raising for an event; Dennis moves to approve the modified agenda, Thelma seconds, all in favor.


Approve letter for Oregon Department of Transportation about the 15th & NE Lombard intersection. Drafted by WNA Land Use & Transportation Committee. Suggestions:

Consider asking for ODOT engineers to examine the site to see if there is something that could be done such as: barring left turns onto or from 15th, adding cautionary signage, or slowing traffic on Lombard. Erin’s comment: asking ODOT to change the traffic flow (stopping left turns) is less likely to be successful rather than asking for improved signage. Andrée: perhaps improving the curbs would help, if it kept people on 15th from edging to the right of someone turning left – that blocks visibility.

Anjala: the city has no budget for new projects but will react to input from the community.

Maija: makes motion to send the letter; Nancy seconds, all in favor, none opposed.


7:15-7:45              New Business

7:15-7:30 Historic Resources Code Project —Brandon Spencer-Hartle. Zoning code concepts based on feedback have been drafted. A draft of proposed code changes to be released in December. Public feedback scheduled for January and February.

Brandon’s presentation: The proposed code change will be released for public review later this winter. This code update is in response to building demolitions, how hard it is to make changes to historic landmarks, lack of flexibility for historic resources to add an ADU or offer retail services. Last year the city had a series of workshops and meetings to gather feedback to use to draft this zoning change.

Woodlawn is one of 6 conservation districts, created in 1993 to provide a overlay to encourage building retention. The rules for conservation districts haven’t been updated since. People in these districts are wondering how the buildings can be preserved but also used/modified to change with the times.

Zoning code proposals will be released in a few weeks, with a handout specific to conservation districts. Planning commission will have hearings in the late spring/early summer and will present to city council around the end of 2019.

Big items for us to look for when the code comes out:

  • Demolition – right now there’s a demolition delay period of 120 days if a building is in the conservation district – but city can’t deny demolition.
    • New type of demolition review with staff and the would-be demolisher, proving:
      • No historic significance or value
      • OR would mitigate the demolition with something that will benefit the community – so not just architectural preservation but community preservation.
    • Reuse/repurpose:
      • Allow historic property owners to convert into multiple dwellings within a larger building
      • Commercial building: allow housing units or more commercial uses
      • There seems to be general agreement that minor exterior changes (replacing windows for example) have not been a problem. It seems that demo/larger infill are the main areas that receive feedback & concern.
    • Infill/new construction:
      • should it have a higher design standard?
      • Are there good public policy reasons to hold larger buildings to higher standards?

Questions: Maija clarifies that the conservation district isn’t all of Woodlawn, but it’s mainly the area around Dekum & Woodlawn Park, south as far as NE Holman. [map: ]

City has never reviewed expansions to conservation districts – should that be examined in the future? Right now the focus is: are the rules working? Are they right?

Could we have Brandon come back if there are questions when the code is released? Yes, he’d be willing to come to a meeting or set up a conversation with others specifically interested in the topic.


Oregon Public House: Michael and Molly presenting: The Public House is planning to have January be A Month for Woodlawn. They did this last year as a pilot program and want to do this every January. The OPH uses their profits to support not-for-profit organizations. They’ve donated over $180k since opening in May 2013. This January they want to focus on nonprofits in the neighborhood: Woodlawn Farmer’s Market, Woodlawn MIC, Concordia/Woodlawn/Vernon NET, Woodlawn NET, and they’re offering to include the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association.


  • Neighborhood History Trivia Night
  • Happy Hour for the neighborhood
  • Any other ideas? Who should they work with to finalize the plans? Maija and Nancy and Anjala are interested in being the point persons.

Goal: raise enough money to sponsor the WNA at the $300 level we ask for summer sponsors.

Questions? Andrée: is there some way to re-establish neighborhood fitness activities upstairs? Maybe incorporate some kind of monthly activity event, with proceeds going toward something in the neighborhood.


7:30 to 7:45 Other New Business

Signatories on Beneficial Bank Accounts—Need a resolution from the board re: signatories on Beneficial Bank accounts for both Woodlawn Neighborhood Association (WNA) and Woodlawn Farmers Market.

Recommended signatories for the WNA/Woodlawn Neighborhood Association account: WNA treasurer (Dennis Kennedy), chair (Nancy Flynn), and vice chair (Maija Spencer).

Recommended signatories for the farmer’s market account: Market coordinator (when they are hired next year), market manager (Martin Vandepas), and Woodlawn treasurer (Dennis Kennedy).

Maija Spencer moves that we proceed with the above recommended signatories getting added to the Beneficial Bank Accounts, Jon Umbdenstock seconds, all in favor, none opposed.


Letter of Support for Walnut Park Shelter, 5329 NE MLK at Killingsworth. Is it open? Do we want to offer an official letter of support? Determined it’s not necessary to send a letter of welcome, but we will try to gather information in terms of what individuals can do to donate/support to the shelter. [look for information about donating requested items here: ]


PBOT—Finalize Selection of a Liaison for Stakeholder Advisory Committee for the Columbia/Lombard Mobility Corridor Plan. Dale Palmer has expressed interest in being the Woodlawn liaison. He will get his email address to Nancy so she can forward it to PBOT.



7:45-8:00              Announcements for Upcoming Fall Events, Deadlines, Other News:

Jerome: KGW has donated hundreds of toys to his church (1705 NE Dekum, the Solid Rock Church of God), so they are looking for families in need to receive some of the toys. They’re appropriate for toddlers through high school. If anyone has a family to nominate, please get their name & number to Jerome so he can do a short screening and get toys to the families. Contact Jerome via the neighborhood association. Deadline for toy recipients: Dec 14th or 15th. They will also be offering food baskets.

The church is creating Hope Bags to share with homeless people. These are bags with toiletries, warm weather necessities, and other items. This is an ongoing effort.


Media mentions:

A great story about Woodlawn and the neighborhood is in Oregon Home: The article is “Rental  Redux,” page 44.

Hey Neighbor! Winter 2019 Issue. Two articles have been submitted that feature Woodlawn.  (1) “Picking Up for Woodlawn & Wildlife” about Rick Reynolds and his trash cleanup project and (2) “Growing Food and Community—One Carrot, Beet, and Tomato at a Time!” about the 4 community gardens located in NECN neighborhoods.



Black Santa at Woodlawn Multicultural Impact Center (MIC): Friday Dec 7th, 2pm-9pm: hoping for even more turnout than last year’s which was a big success. The event will feature the same Santa as last year. Are volunteers needed? Yes, especially for cleanup, and they could use one or two people during the day to help with general communication.

Request for funds: They would like a donation to cover printing, candy, contributing toward the professional photographer and other supplies that may come up for the event. Dennis feels we have enough money to cover this; Luke budgeted this already in the2018-19 year. Anjala moves we approve $200 for the black Santa event; Nancy seconds. All in favor, none opposed.


Ross & Jon: the solstice this year is at 2:23 pm on Friday the 21st. They will be putting on a program and looking for partners in planning. We can help publicize it via our web page and Facebook account.


Social Events/Happy Hours. Is anyone interested in a holiday party/gathering between Xmas and New Year’s Day? If yes, when and where? Another Happy Hour to schedule? – tabled since people tend to be a bit busy that time of year.

ALSO — Last year, our January meeting was billed as a “neighborhood social”—Do we want to do that again? Generally in favor – should we set a budget? This will be on Wednesday January 2nd – will there be good turnout? We could perhaps move the social hour to February for Groundhog Day/We Love Woodlawn. General agreement that we will not do a social hour on Jan 2nd.

January meeting: should it be moved a week later to January 9th? No, we’ll leave it as is.


NECN $500 Communications Funds Submission—Nancy will manage this with Jessica, she has to provide a formal request and a bank balance. She’ll forward the draft of the request to the board.


NECN Grant Program—up to $2000 for neighborhood project. Deadline is January 15th, 2019. Any ideas for projects? Nancy will do the work if someone has any ideas. The farmer’s market is already applying as part of the neighborhood association. No other ideas were proposed in our meeting.


Will there be a Woodlawn School PTA family movie night again in January 2019? How do we learn about these events? We haven’t heard anything, last year might have been a one-off event.


8:00-8:25              Board and Community Business

Treasurer’s Report—Dennis: no report, as he has no access to the account.

Land Use & Transportation Committee—Anjala

  • Meeting location has changed to Woodlawn coffee & pastry. They meet at 2:45 on the first Sunday of the month.
  • Photo inventory: just got photos of 10 homes that were built before 1900; 7 are mostly unchanged from when they were built. They hope to move the project time frame forward into the 1910 range sometime soon.
  • 15th & Lombard intersection – discussed ideas/options to be used in the letter (see earlier in the meeting notes)
  • Self-storage building that was proposed to be built around NE 10th & Stafford & Lombard – had been approved for 7 stories, but no building permit has been filed. We’re not sure why and assume this is temporary. That lot is zoned industrial and something is likely to be built there.
  • Dennis: on NE 7th a couple of houses north of NE Dekum is a house that was owned by someone with the last name Dekum, and someone was working on it recently with plans to restore the house. Right now the 2nd floor is an attic and it’s going to be refinished as residential use.
  • Had a request from a member of the committee for speed bumps on 6th between Bryant and Lombard – people are using it as a shortcut from MLK to Lombard. The city prefers not to have speed bumps as it can impact fire trucks. NE Dean street also sees a lot of speeding.
  • Someone suggested an idea for a shuttle/electric tuk-tuk service to bring people from off-site parking lots into the Woodlawn triangle neighborhood restaurants and businesses. Just a dream at this point but a fun idea.

NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) – Erin: the Woodlawn NET works with Concordia and Vernon because we don’t have lots of trained volunteers in the three neighborhoods. That’s a really large area to cover for not a lot of active volunteers. The NET group is proposing a block by block preparedness model; some risks of this model is that some marginalized neighbors will be left out of these conversations. This is all very preliminary, but how will we be sure to include renters, those with food insecurity, all members of the community?

Farmers’ Market—Martin- holiday market was a success, raised almost $1000 from vendor fees and raffles.

NECN Board Meeting— Shirley: The last meeting was an abbreviated one, main focus was meeting with city personnel to discuss various topics.

Maija: Woodlawn School PTA is raising money to support formation of a new Lego League Junior: a team to learn about science and engineering through Legos. This is a partnership with the SUN Program (link) and they’ll be talking about moon landings. [go fund me link] They want to raise around $2000 to cover some of the initial fees and materials. Does WNA want to contribute any money toward this? Maija makes a motion to contribute $200 for the Woodlawn Lego League; Thelma seconds; all in favor, none opposed. for more donations!


8:25-8:30              Final Thoughts and Adjourn


WNA November 2018 meeting notes

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday November 7, 2018    7:00 – 8:30pm

Note: we didn’t have enough board members for a quorum, so these are notes, not official minutes.

7:00-7:10 Welcome and Introductions to the first meeting after the clocks have fallen back.

  • Present from the board: Beth, Maija, Dennis, Shea
  • Not present: Anjala, Shirley, Andrée, Jerome, Martin, Nancy, Thelma

7:10-7:15 Approvals

Approve minutes from October’s meeting: **table to approve for next meeting**

Approve agenda for tonight’s meeting


7:15-7:45 New Business

7:15-7:25 Belle Cantor, Woodlawn Elementary School Site Council. Seeking members from WNA to attend a meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month at 3:30 pm at the school.

  • Every school has an advisory council of parents, community members, administrators. The advisory council provides input on the academic plan and on grants the school has received, and also reviews the school report card and what it means for the school’s plans.
  • The council meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 3:30pm at the school. We used to have Luke Groser representing Woodlawn Neighborhood Association attending but he’s recently stepped down.
  • Both Liz Kennedy and Rick Reynolds are interested – next meeting is Dec 10th


7:25-7:45 Other New Business

A PBOT (Portland Bureau of Transportation) staffer, Taylor Campi, sent an e-mail request to Maija and Nancy. PBOT is recruiting members for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee for Columbia/Lombard Mobility Corridor Plan. Nancy has asked if PBOT will come to our December meeting to tell us more about this plan. PBOT is creating a multi-modal corridor plan for Columbia & Lombard/I5 and I205 – starting Jan 2019, ending summer 2020. They want about 20 people with experience in the corridor. The commitment will likely include six meetings, 2 hours long, every 3 months over the 18-month period. Any interested people?

  • Dale has interest; more information will be coming


7:45-8:00 Announcements for Upcoming Fall Events and Deadlines:

  1. Help Plant the New Wilshire Park Nature Space.
    Join Friends of Wilshire Park and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council for a fun day of fall gardening to install over a 1,000! (The first one was planted in Alberta Park earlier this year—it is awesome!)WHEN: Saturday, November 10th, from 9am-12pm. Everyone is welcome. Arrive at 8:45 for orientation, or feel free to join in as a second wave later on. WHERE: Wilshire Park — NE 33rd – 37th and Skidmore Meeting at the center of the park by the picnic tables. Please dress for the weather. We’ve got gloves, tools, and refreshments. You can learn more and RSVP


  1. Upcoming Screenings of Priced Out: Fifteen Years of Gentrification in Portland
    Priced Out is the Portland documentary that is an investigative and personal look at housing discrimination and the pain of losing a community to gentrification. We had talked once about potentially hosting a screening in 2019. In case anyone wants to check it out before we commit to that, here are two upcoming FREE screenings with facilitated Q & A and discussions afterwards.

Priced Out at the Architectural Heritage Center
Thursday, November 8, 2018, 6:30 PM-8:30 PM
Architectural Heritage Center
701 SE Grand Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

Priced Out (with Karen Gibson) at Oregon Historical Society
Sunday, December 9, 2018, 5:00 PM-7:00 PM
Oregon Historical Society
1200 SW Park Ave,
Portland, OR 97205

Q&A with director Cornelius Swart and Karen Gibson of Portland State University. Gibson specializes in housing, black urban history, and economic inequality. Her 2007 paper on housing displacement and discrimination, Bleeding Albina: A History of Community Disinvestment is one of the research sources that informs Priced Out.

3. Vernon Voices: a photographic history
Exhibit of photographs at Concordia University Library now through November 23rd.  Opening event with refreshments November 8, 6-8 PM.  Register for the event here. This might be an idea for a similar Woodlawn Voices Project?

4. Black Santa at Woodlawn Multicultural Impact Center (MIC) again-Friday Dec 7th, 2p-7pm: hoping for even more turnout than last year’s which was a big success. The event will feature the same Santa as last year. Stay tuned for possible requests for volunteers.

  1. Hey Neighbor! Dec 5th is the deadline for the Winter 2019 issue of Hey Neighbor, the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) newspaper. This issue runs Jan 1st till the end of March. Please send NECN your stories (500 words or less), or events and opportunities submissions by Wednesday, December 5th.

8:00-8:25              Board and Community Business

Rick Reynolds: trash that gets in our storm drains often winds up in the waterways and can affect wildlife. He helps keep our neighborhood clean – for the last 7 years he has gone out weekly to pick up trash. Trimet installed smaller blue trash cans at their stops on Dekum but volunteers need to empty them – if you notice one is full, please help out! High Water Mark (at NE Dekum & MLK) lets us use their dumpsters. Rick can collect names of people willing to help out to notify them if he needs coverage.

Stops/trash cans that Rick has been monitoring:

  • MLK & Dekum
  • 6th & Dekum
  • 15th & Dekum
  • There is a stop at 15th & Junior but the neighbor there keeps an eye on it.Question: do we want another trash can at the bus stop on the Woodlawn park side, near the shop? Meeting attendees vote in favor in the straw poll – Rick will see if we can get another added.


Setting & Publicizing Dates for our 2019 Spring/Summer Calendar of Events—when does this need to happen? Some are based on the calendar, others depend on city planning:

  • Easter Egg Hunt – Sat April 20 (Saturday before Easter);
  • Woodlawn Neighborhood Clean-up – May 25th (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend);
  • Movie in the Park (TBD based on city schedule);
  • National Night Out – August 6th (first Tuesday in August)
  • NE Sunday Parkways (TBD based on city schedule).


NET – Tom – there was a practice city-wide event that occurred mid-October. A few team members were able to volunteer and it was a useful learning exercise.

Farmer’s market – market has wrapped up for the season. They’ll be coordinating Woodlawn Holiday Market Saturday Dec 1st at the Village Ballroom

MIC & Happy Hour – Jon: this Saturday at 7pm there will be a concert featuring musicians who are people of color and/or LGBTQ – all ages show, donation at the door. MIC is at NE Dekum & 15th. Saturday the 17th should be a poetry night. They’ve added another partner in the space, the Social Justice Fund, along with Portland Harbor Community Coalition. Church is meeting weekly Sundays at 6pm

Neighborhood happy hour: Ranch Pizza – Thursday the 15th. It’ll start at 5 and run at least an hour or so – come on out! Might do a holiday happy hour at Oregon Public House in December.


Treasurer’s Report – Dennis

  • Discussion and vote on who should sign checks for the two WNA accounts. Dennis has proposals for each account. The results of this discussion/vote need to appear in the November minutes to satisfy bank requirements.
  • Dennis went to the St John’s branch of the bank with a copy of the minutes saying he’s the official treasurer, but they also want a resolution by the board to see who can sign. Martin got a slightly different process; at any rate we’ll have to table until December or have an interim meeting. At this point Dennis hasn’t been able to write any checks so we have spent no money in the last month.
  • The plan is for the signatories to be WNA treasurer, chair, and vice chair. Market signatories will be market coordinator, market manager, market treasurer.


Land Use & Transportation Committee –Dennis

  • Committee has created a letter to go to Oregon Department of Transportation about the 15th & NE Lombard intersection. There are concerns that it’s a dangerous, uncontrolled intersection. Dennis has shared the letter on NextDoor and brought copies to the meeting.
    • Since we don’t have a quorum this month we’ll see if the board can approve via email meeting, or put it on the agenda for next month.
    • We may also post an email address at ODOT on NextDoor and encourage members of the community to share comments.
  • Liz looking for volunteer photographers for the neighborhood’s historic home inventory – homes built 1900 or earlier, so we have information about each home in case there’s some move to demolish or radically alter. Liz needs a color photograph on a clear day, she’ll give each volunteer five houses to photograph.
  • The committee received information on a pre-application for a planned project on a 38-acre spot north of Columbia (apparently that’s in our boundaries) – they want to construct new warehouse buildings, 600,000+ square feet. Address: 755 NE Columbia; zoned industrial but right along the Columbia slough.
  • 6206 NE 7th Ave, accessory short-term rental unit – air bnb type usage. It satisfies the city rules.


NE Coalition of Neighborhoods Board- Dennis

  • Tuesday November 27th – coalition-wide land use and transportation learning and networking event. NECN considers this important enough that it will serve as most of their next meeting.
  • New homeless shelter planned for MLK & Emerson – near Killingsworth – it’s an existing city building – it will require reservations. It’s a temporary shelter for now (possibly for winter usage) – 80 beds, intended to serve families. NECN are meeting with the crime prevention team from civic life to communicate with the neighborhoods to share information and gather concerns, if any. The crime prevention team will consider site design for best safety for everyone. Not a lot of information is available just yet, scheduled to be open by Thanksgiving.
    • Suggestion for possible consideration: letter of support from next month? Make the neighborhood happy hour to be a collection point for donations.
  • Residential Infill Project – suggested changes from the NECN LUTC had to do with setbacks, building height, unit size

Mariah from NECN: chair

  • Reminder to request $500 from them along with idea of what we’ll be spending it on
  • Grant program is open – up to $2000 for neighborhood projects: anyone have any ideas? Last year they funded about 40% of applicants. – deadline is January 15th 2019


Other comments from the community:

Protest in downtown Portland as part of a nationwide series: Thursday November 8th near waterfront park/the Burnside Bridge


8:25-8:30              Final Thoughts and Adjourn

WNA October 2018 meeting minutes

7:00 – 7:20 Food & Beverage, Meet & Greet (Party)
7:20 – 7:30: Welcome and Introductions

  • Board members present: Martin Vandepas, Anjala Ehlebe, Dennis Kennedy, Shelly Caldwell, Shirley Minor, Beth Heins, Maija Spencer, Luke Groser; not present: Mendy, Jerome, Jon, Andrée

7:35 – 7:40:

  • Approve minutes from September’s meeting: Maija moves (with one spelling correction); Shirley seconds, all in favor
  • Approve agenda for tonight’s meeting: Dennis moves, Maija seconds, all in favor

7:40 – 8:00 Board and Community Business:

  • Sunday Parkways – Liz & Shirley: big success.
  • NET – Erin: not present/ Tom speaks: Sunday Oct 14th in Alberta park – emergency event practice
  • Farmer market– Martin: market is running through Oct 27; having a farm to table brunch this Sunday Oct 7 11:30 at Quaintrelle – $50 per person, limited to sixteen people. Also, they will be hiring a new market manager for next year as this year’s manager will not be staying on.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Luke: green paper: no financial issues, have the budget to cover our plans for this coming year. Fiscal year begins July 2018 – typically we come close to breaking even (usually spending a little less than we take in). Luke gave receipts to our business sponsors for this year’s summer activities.
    • This is Luke’s last meeting as treasurer after serving about 9 years. Thank you Luke!
  • Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC) – Anjala and Dennis
    • LUTC meets the 1st Sunday of the month at Ps & Qs (NE 13th & Dekum) at 4pm in the back. Upcoming meeting is October 7.
    • City is working on adding affordable housing and improving bicycle transportation. They are updating the bicycle parking code which will affect new construction (think of new apartments in our neighborhood). You can go online to review the code and provide feedback.
    • City is trying to improve traffic flow and is sharing some planning ideas/looking for feedback from the LUTC
    • NECN drafted a letter supporting enforcement of short-term rental regulations (to prevent ADUs from being used for short-term rentals)
    • 7122 NE 8th – is an older house that was going to be demolished but a 120 day hold has been placed on whether it’s a historically valuable home. The hold expires soon.
  • NE Coalition of Neighbors Board- Shirley & Dennis
    • A lot of the last board meeting was spent discussing AirBnBs – it’s difficult for the city to enforce our regulations since AirBnB doesn’t report all the information to the city.

8:00 – 8:25:

  • Reviewed accomplishments of the 2017-18 year!
  • WNA Business – Elections! (Jessica Rojas from NECN to preside)
  • Review the nomination and election process: candidates can self-nominate or can be nominated by others. Jessica talks the audience through nominating for the various seats: first we collected nominations for the four named seats:
    • Chair – Nancy Flynn
    • Vice chair – Maija Spencer
    • Secretary – Beth Heins
    • Treasurer – Dennis Kennedy

All four were unanimously approved.

  • Offering to serve as at-large members:
    • Shirley Minor
    • Anjala Ehlebe
    • Andrée Culpepper
    • Martin Vandepas
    • Jerome Smith
    • Shea Fuller
    • Thelma Diggs

All seven were unanimously approved.

8:25 – 8:30: Meeting breaks up in roaring applause with demands for another meeting in November.


WNA September 2018 meeting minutes

7:00 – 7:10 Welcome and Introductions

Luke, Andree, Jon, Mendy, Maija, Shirley, Beth, Dennis, Shelly, Anjala, Martin, Jerome


7:10 – 7:15:     Approve minutes from July’s meeting: Shelly moves, Jon seconds, all in favor.

Approve agenda for tonight’s meeting: Shelly moves, Jon seconds, all in favor.

7:15 – 7:25          Bevin Byrnes, Executive Director of Bridges Middle School will speak about gaining Woodlawn’s endorsement of the Clean Elections Measure.

Oregon has some of the dirtiest air in the nation and some of the most lax rules around our air quality. Data shows that we’re in the worst 2% of cities in the nation for air quality and airborne distress caused by pollution.

Volunteers at Portland Clean Air have mapped all the truck routes of non-filtered diesel trucks to track down the worst of the polluters and ask them to install filters. Go to to see their data and maps. They’re working on a tool to let us see our pollution and the polluters at a neighborhood and street level.

  1. Event around diesel pollution education 9/26 – 7pm , free, Sacred Heart Church. Their goal with this event is to raise awareness and to build relationships with people in office or running for office. If anyone has questions for the panelists to receive in advance, we can get them to Bevin.
  2. Asks the board to endorse the Clean Elections Measure and be listed in the voter’s pamphlet. This will limit corporate donations to impact elections. Maija moves that the board approve; Martin seconds. Question from Dennis: was Multnomah County sued over this? There is a court case to overturn a previous ruling, do we want to put something in place that is going to trigger a lawsuit? 10 in favor, 1 abstain

7:25 – 7:30          Camilo Marquez to ask for formal signature on Woodlawn NA endorsement of Portland’s Clean Energy Fund initiative to appear in the voter’s pamphlet.

The Portland Just Energy Transition Initiative has been renamed the Clean Energy Fund initiative.  The board already endorsed the initiative; his request tonight is for the board to agree to appear in the voters’ pamphlet. The measure will be on the ballot for the November vote. Funds will be raised from a 1% surcharge on the Portland business fee and will apply to corporations doing more than $500,000 in business in Portland and $1b nationwide. Shelly signed as a representative of the board.

7:30 – 7:40

Report on success of Summer events:

MOVIE IN THE PARK – was well attended!

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT – it was a good turnout! Our spending was:

  • $170 face painter (maybe get a second painter next year, she was very busy)
  • $500 music
  • $330 food
  • $270 port a potty
  • $300 grill rental
  • $80 Printing and supplies


  • Donations from Tamale boy $74; BBQ donations from the community $255


  • Net spending was 1328.15 – within the budget of 1700.
  • We also raised money for Woodlawn School – Ps & Qs gave their cookie & soda sales to them, and the proceeds from the cookie competition went to them as well, approximately $200 total.

Announcements for upcoming Fall Events:

Sat, Sept 15, 1-5pm: Classic Foods Open House – amazing free buffet and you can shop their warehouse.

Sun, Sept 23 – 11am – 4pm: NE Sunday Parkways – 8 miles of car-free streets including a stop in Woodlawn Park with lots of activities and food vendors. Shirley & Liz will sit at a table


7:40 – 8:10:     Community Business

NET – Erin – no update

Farmers market– Martin: market is going well, will run until October 27th; accepting volunteers for 2-hour shifts: set-up, tear-down, or info booth shifts.

MIC & Happy Hour – Jon

MIC = Multicultural Impact Collective – giving space for incubation for communities of culture

MIC had a three-day event marking the fourth anniversary of the Ferguson uprising. Upcoming: People’s Poets the 3rd Saturday of the month. will get you to the facebook posting. Every Wednesday they are offering trauma-informed yoga brought in by Don’t Shoot Portland. 2nd Saturday of the month is Social Justice Saturday. aCross Culture will start weekly on Sunday October 7th starting with a potluck dinner at 6pm.

We could cohost a screening of Priced Out in fall/winter – Jon will see who might help organize on the MIC side.

8:10 – 8:29:     WNA Business


Treasurer’s Report – Luke

  • Pink paper: 2017-18 financial review
  • Gray paper: this month’s treasurer’s report
  • Green paper: 2019 prospective budget – NECN will give us $500 next year, but we have to invoice them and get refunded

Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC) – Anjala and Dennis

  • Last LUTC meeting there was a member from the King association with an article that says Portland isn’t really following up with AirBnB to track rental activity. This King association member wants to let the city put a moratorium on full-building AirBnB rentals.
  • Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) gave out maps of neighborhoods – LUTC used our map to indicate where we needed better crosswalks, where there is heavy recreational foot traffic,
  • Liz spoke with the principal at Woodlawn Elementary about trying to get more crosswalks in. The city has approved $5000 to improve the crosswalk across MLK at Buffalo. We had gotten approval for a crosswalk across Dekum at the Village Ballroom, but no funding – there are instructions on the DePave website to do it ourselves. The principal will see if she can find volunteers/a project team to work on this project.
  • Want to join LUTC? They meet the first Sunday of the month at the back table of Ps & Qs at 4pm at 13th & Dekum.
  • Lloyd to Woodlawn Greenway – the virtual open house has been extended until at least September 14th. []

NE Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) Board- Shirley & Dennis

  • No August meeting
  • In July meeting Anjala presented on the Metro Regional 2040 plan showing suggested projects to support

Board Elections – Shelly & Maija to explain: October is our elections. Shelly is going to step down from the board completely.  We have elections every October for the next year. We can have up to 12 members and someone from NECN will come run the election. We have to elect chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, and then fill the at-large seats.

Chair prepares the agenda and runs the meeting. Vice-chair steps in if the chair can’t perform those duties. Treasurer tracks our bank account, reimburses expenses; Secretary takes notes and records decisions. Land Use Chair goes to those meetings and reports back. – members commit to attending our meetings, the 1st Wednesday of the month (though absences can be excused!).

We will plan to do the elections at 8pm and will set aside time accordingly.


Thelma’s question: what is the street cleaning schedule in Woodlawn? Anjala says it’s 3 times per year. Is there any way to get notified when they are coming? – Woodlawn seems to be District 2, Route 4; District 2, Route 8. The schedule is only a month at a time, so someone will have to revisit in October to see if we’re getting swept. We were not on the August or September calendars.

8:29 – 8:30:        Meeting breaks up in roaring applause with demands for another meeting in                          October, where elections will happen!


WNA July 2018 meeting minutes

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 11, 2018    7:00 – 8:30pm

7:00 – 7:10:        Welcome and Introductions: Board members present: Anjala, Dennis, Maija, Beth, Luke, Jerome, Jon, Shirley; Board members not present: Andrée, Martin, Mendy, Shelly

7:10 – 7:15:        Approve minutes from June’s meeting- Dennis makes the motion; Anjala seconds it – all in favor
Approve agenda for tonight’s meeting – Anjala makes the motion to approve, Beth seconds it, all in favor

7:15 – 7:20:      Mike from PBOT (Portland Bureau of Transportation) attends the meeting to review the release of the Design Concept Sketchbook and Initial Route Analysis for the Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway. (more…)

WNA June 2018 meeting minutes

June 6th 2018 Meeting notes: draft until approved in July meeting

7:00 – 7:10:        Welcome and Introductions – Jon, Maija, Shelly, Beth, Dennis, Anjala, Andrée, Luke, Martin; audience introductions


7:10 – 7:15:         Approve minutes from May’s meeting – Jon moves to approve, Martin seconds, all in favor

Approve agenda for tonight’s meeting – Shirley adds the community garden speaker to the current agenda; after that Jon moves to approve, Shelly seconds, all in favor.


7:15 – 7:20:       2018 Clean up   |   Celebrate Woodlawn

Update folks on how we did on the clean-up, hear about the Celebrate Woodlawn event.

88 or more vehicles! $2453 came in, though there will be expenses to subtract from that

For future reference: it helps if we have Styrofoam in bags for the recycling drop-off

Thanks to our sponsors: Sparky’s, Good Neighbor Pizza, Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry, and especially Henry V!!!!


7:20 – 7:30:         Bob Schatz (Architect)

To discuss condo building plan on Grand

6836 NE Grand between Bryant & Dekum – They plan to build a 6-unit condo and leave the existing house on the adjacent lot. Condos will be 2-bedroom, 2 baths with large (8×12) front porches; 2 units per floor, 3 floors. The street-facing part of the building will have an awning and then some sort of screen or artwork above to add some visual interest. Square footage: approx. 950 sf per unit, price isn’t determined, no parking. Timeline: about a year out from completion. They will have short-term bike parking out front; indoor parking might be at the apartment level. Some board members gave feedback on the planned lack of long-term locked ground-level bike parking: in some people’s experience in-unit bike parking isn’t as desirable as secure, ground-level bike parking/storage. Carrying a bike up 2 flights of stairs isn’t practical on a daily basis.


7:30 John, the co-manager of the Woodlawn Community Garden came to share updates. The garden is 100% full this year with a small waiting list. Gardeners range from children to adults. The garden gets compost from the city which comes from our green bins (and FYI there’s sometimes glass and plastic – be sure to be careful with what goes into your green bins!). They’re giving produce to the Portland Food Pantry as part of the Produce for People program. The Woodlawn Community Garden celebrated their 20th anniversary with a work party. They’ll try to have the garden open and volunteers there during National Night Out and Movies in the Park, so community members can check out the garden. Last year WNA gave the garden $200 that they used to buy tools; they could use more tools and lightweight hoses. Shelly moves the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association contribute $300 to the garden, Jon seconds it – all in favor.


7:30 – 7:55:       WNA Board & Guests to discuss upcoming Movie in the Park & National Night Out

  • Movie in the park – Wednesday August 1st, Hidden Figures. The Neighborhood Association doesn’t have to do much – we paid Portland Parks (thanks to contributions from our local business sponsorships!) and the Parks department will do the organization and setup.
  • National Night out – Tuesday August 7th – looking for volunteers! Details: it starts about 5pm, we have a grill and free food, music, kid’s activities, information tables. Last time we had a baking competition – we could do that again. We are taking suggestions for musicians!
  • 3rd Sunday in September – Sunday Parkways will come through Woodlawn – Shirley and Liz will work the booth


7:55 – 8:10:       Community Business

NET – Erin – two events coming up:

  • June 23rd – farmer’s market workshop in emergency preparedness, at noon
  • URM (Unreinforced Masonry) legislation at city council: city council votes June 10. The Mercury had a great article; contact Council with your thoughts.

Farmer’s market – Martin: Saturdays, 10-2. Event to refresh the street painting: Sunday July 1 – street will stay closed after the market on the 30th so they can pressure wash the street. They have the paint from the Village Building Convergence. Last year they needed long-handled rollers. They will post information and a call for volunteers on Next Door and the GoWoodlawn website. Last year the WNA allocated funds that didn’t get used, so they’ll work from that approval.

Luke mentions: the street pavement at Holman and 8th is being ripped up for sewers – so the community may come together around that one next year. It’s not clear who will manage that process yet! The Village Building Convergence may also manage this at some point – perhaps a neighbor could request their help.


MIC & Happy Hour – Jon

  • Happy hour: was going to be on the 13th at Tamale Boy so he’s planning on Wednesday the 20th (later updated to Thursday the 28th!) at Tamale Boy from 5:30-7:30.
  • Open mic – 6pm 3rd Saturdays
  • Last Thursdays – community economic empowerment (this is intended for persons of color only)
  • Last Sunday 3-5p soul food Sunday potluck
  • Saturday July 21st hope to have a block party / fundraiser (crafts, food, drink for sale)

Reusapalooza (Sunday June 10) – at the ballroom at OPH 2-6pm – creative reuse instead of throwing out materials
Make Music Day (Saturday June 24) – Shelly – there will be free concerts


Woodlawn Block Party (Saturday June 16th) – Maija – Breakside Brewery is having their 8th birthday block party – 12p-8pm. Live music, games, vendors, beer, food, and bbq. Proceeds will benefit Woodlawn Elementary and Ockley Green Middle School


8:10 – 8:29:       WNA Business


Board needs to elect a representative to NECN (Northeast Coalition of Neighbors ) for 6/18 – 5/19: Dennis –the guidelines ask that each neighborhood have a representative. A placement year goes from June through May. Dennis and Shirley are on the board. We need a formal nominee; Dennis is willing to participate. Maija moves that we officially designate Dennis as our representative to the NECN coalition; Shelly seconds it; all in favor.


Board to decide what day next meeting will be on (1st Wednesday is July 4) – move it to the next Wednesday? Decision made: move it to Wednesday July 11.


Beth: fundraising update – $300 from Oregon Decorative Rock, plus $200 in gift certificates to give away (we’ll likely use these at National Night Out) -thank you! We are officially over last year’s fundraising amount.


Treasurer’s Report – Luke – fiscal year ends this month: we’re in good fiscal shape – we’ll either spend what we brought in or a little less.

Luke is looking to step down from the treasurer position – he’ll work with the person who comes in. One person (Nancy) expressed tentative interest.


Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC) – Anjala and Dennis

  • Citywide initiative called the Residential infill project: hearing on it tomorrow June 7.
  • Project called Better Housing By Design – hearing June 12
  • Notice of intent to demolish 6323 NE 11th Ave – mostly an FYI, the WNA doesn’t have a lot of say about these.
  • Notice that an air b&b is coming in: 813 NE Liberty Street – again, this is an FYI
  • LUTC has been trying to get crosswalks across Dekum at the OPH, or between Good Neighbor and Firehouse. The city hasn’t had money to do it. Anjala has met someone running a fund in the city called Fixing Our Streets and is resubmitting our crosswalk requests via that channel.
  • Successes: a couple of traffic signs on MLK were damaged and they got it repaired after the LUTC requested fixes; also requested and received “stop ahead” signs at 6th & Morgan to highlight trees-obscured stop signs.
  • 6-story self-storage unit planned for Lombard between 10th & 11th – partially back to the drawing boards – may change the location of the entrance to 10th (from Stafford) and shifting how it’s sited on the property to allow for more plantings and less visual obstruction for people turning onto Lombard.
  • LUTC meets the 1st Sunday at4-6pm at the back at Ps & Qs Market at NE Dekum & 13th


NE Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Board- Shirley & Dennis

  • ONI (Office of Neighborhood Involvement) is reducing NECN’s grant by around $10,000 – not a big percentage. The board will figure out what the implications will be.
  • ONI is changing its name to Office of Community and Civic Life


Other items of note:

  • Recycling article in Willamette Week – a lot of people are doing it wrong!


8:29 – 8:30:        Meeting breaks up in roaring applause with demands for another meeting in July.