Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

Latest Neighborhood Meeting Agenda

First Wednesday of each month

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Classic Foods
817 NE Madrona St,
Portland, OR 97211

March 2019 WNA Agenda


Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

March 6, 2019 Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 6, 2019    7:00 – 8:30pm
at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211

7:00-7:10 Welcome and Introductions


7:10-7:15 Approvals

Approve agenda for this meeting.
Approve February meeting minutes.





New Business

STRIDE for SENIORS on Saturday April 20, 2019. 10 am to 1 pm at the Portland International Raceway (3 km/2 mile walk begins at 11:30 am). David Lomax of Meals on Wheels would like any WNA “recruits” to register with their team, NE Neighborhood Heroes. And to publicize this via our social media and website. Handouts and other information available.

WNA Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 20, 2019. Need to decide on start time. Handout with tentative planning schedule. Do we want to start after the Stride for Seniors ends? Need to assign tasks and recruit volunteers.

Public Hearing on proposed amendments to Title 11 Tree scheduled for Urban Forestry Commission, March 21, 2019 at 9:30 am. Handout with more information.

Woodlawn Annual Cleanup Scheduled. Saturday, May 25, 2019 at Henry V. We already have a banner about this on our website. Shelley and Francisco are coordinating.

Updates about the Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway. Reporting back from recent stakeholder meetings and status of project was scheduled for February 2019. See handout.

“Priced Out” Film Screening is scheduled for May 2, 2019 in the sanctuary of the Leaven Community/Salt & Light Lutheran Church, 5341 NE 20th Avenue. Sponsored by NECN & Alberta Food Co-op. Does WNA want to be a sponsor as well? (Next meeting is March 6 from 5 to 6 pm so Nancy will bring an update about how we might want to be involved to our meeting immediately after.)


7:45-8:00 Announcements for Upcoming Events, Deadlines, and Other News:

Woodlawn Movie in the Park is Thursday August 8, 2019. This is just 2 days after National Night Out. We should know which movie we get soon!

Adopt-a-Storm-Drain and Updated Speed Limits: new notifications posted on WNA website and NextDoor.

Updates on the new Cully Park including outdoor game tables, rock wall, gardens, etc. More features listed here:

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly invited to attend our WNA June 5th meeting. Still awaiting final confirmation. Should we come up with an “agenda” for her visit in an upcoming meeting? Should we circulate flyers to advertise the event to drum up attendance? What else?

E-mail invitation also sent to Chief Outlaw via Lt. Tina Jones, the Portland Police Bureau Public Information Officer. Waiting to hear back from them.


8:00-8:25 Board and Community Business 

Treasurer’s Report—Dennis

Land Use & Transportation Committee—Anjala  (including potential oil train traffic increase because of new downtown storage facility)

Farmers’ Market—Martin/Erin

NET – Erin

Woodlawn MIC – who is our new contact?

NECN Board Meeting—Shirley/Dennis

Happy Hour for March? If yes, where?


8:25-8:30 Final Thoughts and Adjourn


WNA February 2019 meeting minutes

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

February 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes, from meeting on Wednesday, February 6, 2019    6:30 – 8:30pm at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211

Half-Hour with Food and Libations – great turnout, about 40 people

Welcome and Introductions – Maija, Nancy, Shirley, Dennis, Thelma, Beth, Anjala, Martin, Andrée; not here: Jerome, Shay

Approve agenda for this meeting. – with additions: Dennis moves, Thelma seconds – all in favor
Approve January meeting minutes. Maija moves, Dennis seconds, all in favor


New Business

Paul Millius, Recruiting Assistant with the US Bureau of the Census re: hiring staff for 2020 Decennial Census: The Census is staffing up to do the 2020 census. There will be hundreds of jobs in the next year, $18-20/hour, part- and full-time for a year and a half. Census is mailed out, then people go knock on doors to remind people to submit their forms. Before that Census employees have to validate the addresses to make sure old addresses still exist and are occupied. The bureau also does continuing surveys for years after the fact to track changes in the population.

Hours/shifts can vary: part-time work can be evenings and weekends, full-time is office work. Work is starting now, more will ramp up around the middle of the year. The Portland office hasn’t been opened yet, its location is to be determined.

  • To apply: go to – it takes 6-8 weeks to process your application; then there are a few days of training depending on the job.


Shira & Jason Yovu, Retro Game Bar at 6720 MLK re: Liquor License Application and to talk about the business. They will be opening a new business at the corner of MLK and Dekum, next to the Koken Market. Renovations are underway, hoping to open late March/early April. They will offer a full bar and retro video games. They’ll be offering home consoles and other rarer devices rather than arcade games. They also want it to have a retro feel with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s with décor to match. The food program will be hot dogs with unique toppings. Hours will be: closed Mondays, T-Fr 3p-2:30am; Sat-Sun 10 or 11am to offer Saturday morning cartoons, cereal, and all-ages access to the venue until 3pm on weekends. Jason has been a bartender and bar manager in the past, and has some local bar/brewery experience as well. They are also planning to offer team building events in the earlier hours and they’re open to partnering with the community if people have suggestions. They’re hiring bartenders, cooks, managers, wait staff as well – check their website

The Neighborhood Association has been asked to write a letter supporting their application for a liquor license. Nancy moves that we do so; Beth seconds; all in favor/none opposed.


Support for ongoing neighborhood cleanup efforts with Rick Reynolds & Johnmark Larson. They have been picking up trash at various locations on a volunteer basis and ask the Neighborhood Association to approve a small annual budget ($100 – $200) to purchase supplies.

  • Rick helped get trash cans installed at the bus stops and is coordinating a Clean Team program to manage emptying those trash containers; there was an article in the latest NECN newsletter. He’s brainstorming other ways to get people involved.
  • Several neighbors are helping with the trash containers as well. They drop the trash at the High Water Mark and Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry. Contact Rick Reynolds if you want to help!
  • Rick proposes the WNA provide some money to help provide garbage picker-uppers, garbage bags, gloves and other incidental items. Request that WNA approve up to $200 – to be reimbursed as needed, and Dennis can track the expenditure over a year.
  • Martin moves that we allocate up to $200 for supplies for the trash project; Maija seconds, board only vote (since it’s about money): all in favor/none opposed.
  • Another related topic: Johnmark lives in the neighborhood and has also been helping pick up litter in the neighborhood. He and Rick had an idea of asking the city to help us with a more robust street sweeping program. Other neighborhoods get coordinated leaf removal, but Woodlawn residents don’t seem to get notified or awareness of when we are having a leaf removal including parking enforcement to ensure that the cleaning is thorough. Side benefit would be it may help identify abandoned vehicles. They are contacting the city to see if we can help start a pilot program.


Legalizing an existing ADU: Amy Stork: added to the agenda  – lives in an orange house on NE Liberty west of 15th. Tried to legalize the additional living space in her attached garage, but since the setback doesn’t meet the rules, she needs to get a zoning adjustment. She is applying for it – a notice will go to people near her home – just wants to let neighbors know she’s not doing anything new, just trying to make her home legal.



Announcements for Upcoming Winter Events, Deadlines, Other News:

Copies of Hey Neighbor! with two articles featuring Woodlawn.

Woodlawn Movie in the Park choices submitted —Maija: the choices were submitted based on public opinion from our meeting and a post online; our three top choices were: Inside Out, Black Panther, Coco. We’ll hear back in mid-February if we got a movie/what date/what movie. We pay $900 to help offset the costs of licensing, staffing, music.

Friends of Trees annual tree planting is happening Saturday February 16th – to get info and to volunteer – potluck lunch included!

Portland Housing Advisory Commission is looking for volunteers – application open until Feb 21 2019.

Office of Community & Civic Life is holding listening sessions to rewrite the part of the city code that covers the Civic Life Bureau. This could affect the Neighborhood Association structure; some people don’t feel the neighborhood associations represent all members of the city – can we help improve it? How do we get other people involved? The listening sessions are starting right away.

Update on Woodlawn Scavenger Hunt new timeline – Anjala – working on a draft of a scavenger hunt to get people to explore the neighborhood. She’ll also be offering four free criminal history tours of Woodlawn – tip: some of those items will be clues in the scavenger hunt! She’s thinking of doing the scavenger hunt in May.

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability released draft of code changes proposed for historic resources (including Conservation Districts) for public review and comment between now and April 1, 2019. Sending notice to all owners in the Woodlawn Conservation District inviting them to public events in March. Available to talk to WNA again if of interest.

Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway Summary Report and Project Updates. Handout and online at – we will invite PBOT to come back and speak again when they have updates.

Lime e-scooter and e-bike demo for a Spring WNA meeting? Jeremy Nelson from Lime reached out via e-mail. Mixed reception from the audience, but general opinion seems it’s okay if they want to come and demo scooters and bikes before one of our meetings.

Potential Showing of “Priced Out” in April 2019 at Alberta Abbey. Sponsored by NECN & Alberta Food Co-op. Nancy is participating in meetings. Should have update by March meeting.

Feral Cat Coalition FREE spaying for feral and stray cats in February. Flyers on the table.

By March 5th need to schedule the Community Collection Event (formerly known as the Woodlawn Cleanup) – Shelly and Francisco are wiling to coordinate it. Usually the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  It allows people to pay by the carload of household items they need to throw out or get rid of, serves as a fundraiser for the neighborhood.


Board and Community Business

Treasurer’s Report—Dennis – as of Jan 31st $8800 dollars and change; in January wrote checks to Andrée for food, to SEI for the Lego project donation, one to our web host, and one for the Woodlawn Trivia night at OPH.


Land Use & Transportation Committee—Anjala- 1st Sunday of the month at Woodlawn coffee and pastry at 2:45pm – the next meeting is March 3rd.

  • Looking for someone to attend their meetings and take minutes
  • Gathering volunteers to take photos of historic houses in the neighborhood
  • North Portland library is going to be the site for one of the historic code revision talks
  • Politicians in Salem are trying to create grants for people to get a rebate if they seismically retrofit their masonry buildings
  • Received a notice that a person has been approved to create an ADU on their property
  • Discussed Johnmark’s proposal about street sweeping and encouraged him to contact the city directly
  • Discussed the liquor license approval for Retro Game Bar
  • Have sent a letter to the city about speeding on NE 6th about speeding during morning & evening rush hour. The city may consider putting up a speed reader board to assess.
  • Also let the city know about speeders coming down NE Dean and driving doughnuts – were referred to the noise control officer.
  • Suggested a roundabout at the intersection of Dean and Dekum; cement has gotten very expensive because of a worldwide sand shortage so that would be an expensive project.

NET – Erin – Neighborhood Emergency Team volunteers are helping staff warming shelters.
MIC & Happy Hour – no one to speak


Farmers’ Market—Martin & Erin – the market will start in June this year, they are looking for new board members, and will hire a new market manager for this coming year. Oregon Public House will be donating some money to the Market.


NECN (Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods) Board Meeting—Shirley/Dennis –

  • WNA is one of 96 or so neighborhoods in the city. NE has 12 neighborhood associations who are coordinated by the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods.
  • As a group the NECN is adopting a nearby seasonal shelter for houseless people – the next night they are serving food on the 8th – they brought sandwiches, made soup, and some other items. Shirley will resume updating the information kiosk


8:25-8:30         Final Thoughts and Adjourn

Thelma: Meals on Wheels is having a fundraising walk on Saturday April 20. It’s at Portland International Raceway- looking for a team leader from the neighborhood association? Nancy is willing to be the team leader.


Nancy Flynn
nancyflynnwna [at]

Maija Spencer

Dennis Kennedy
dennis [at]

Assistant Treasurer / Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmer’s Market
Martin Vandepas

Secretary / Communications
Beth Heins

Land Use Chair
Anjala Ehelebe

Woodlawn Tree Team

Andrée Culpepper, aculpepper11[at]
Thelma Diggs
Shea Fuller
Shirley Minor, shirleygminor[at]
Jerome Smith, jeromesmith627 [at]

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods delegates:

Land Use and Transportation
Anjala Ehelebe
NECN Representatives
Dennis Kennedy, Shirley Minor

Public Safety
Jerome Smith