Welcome to Woodlawn

The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association supports the community in their efforts to improve the quality of living and doing business

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in our neighborhood. Through partnerships with government and private

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sector organizations, as well as business owners and residents themselves, we foster the connections that create a more vibrant and sustainable neighborhood for all. We work together to create an environment where all community members can live harmoniously, respectfully, equitably, and in support of one another.

The neighborhood board is

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a group of elected volunteers who oversee budgets, major projects, and the vision for the neighborhood. All Woodlawn residents and business owners are welcome to run for the board. Elections occur each fall.

The board meets monthly to discuss these in-depth issues, and meetings are open to the general public. Our association strives to create opportunities to discuss ideas, projects, concerns, meet neighbors, and learn about resources.

Our Board

Get involved at the Local Level

It feels good to engage in the community - when you do, the community responds back! Become part of our community by joining one of our meetings!

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